Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What is the average charge for timing belt change?

I have a 1991 honda civic 4 door automatic 1.5 liter engine.what is the price average price for a timing belt change? how much do the parts cost in a local auto store?the car runs good i changed my oil,spark plugs,coolant,and everything basic i just don't know how to change the timing belt.thank's!!What is the average charge for timing belt change?
THIS IS AN interferace engine , you need to take this seriously. THAT means if the belt snap the engine will be destroyed. the valves smash into the pistions at high speed and the result is BIG EXPENSE. ';read new engine';

Ah but everyone just loves Honda's , why?

cost varies with quality:

how much quality do you want.

you can do it for $100 at home but you need a book and some advice on how to do it. ( just the minimum)

you can have it done and do the water pump with it.

the water pump is Tbelt driven.

they might find the front seals leakiing and it would be folly to ignore that.

cars are complex and cost money to maintain.

if you play a game of denial , it will come back and really cost you. In fact this one issue ,makes mechanics very rich.

pennywise and pound foolish , for the engine,brakes.

the whole driveline in fact.

have it done right.

Front wheel cars are expensive to work on.

It was cheap to make , nows the time to pay for that decision.What is the average charge for timing belt change?
$400 - $600 range. I would say most place would charge around $500 range.

Parts typically replaced are timing belt, and water pump. I usually change the belt tensioner for every other timing belt replacement job. If you mail order, the part should run under $100. Esp. Timing belt, low end I found for my civic was $40, and high end was $120 for Honda OE belt. Most mail order place had it for $80 - $90 range.

Doing this yourself isn't too difficult. The hardest thing is removing the crankshaft pulley nut. It is torqued at 140 ft/lbs and is pain to remove without some holding tool.

If you have not change the timing belt before, then you might want someone to show you how to take it out and put it in. What I usually do is set the engine to TDC, and run a paint marker between the belt, and cam pulley. Then take the belt out, transfer the markings to the new belt, and install and verify the alignment after. After the belt installation, take out the spark plugs, put socket over the crank bolt, and spin it to check for valve/piston contact. If you remember to check, there is no way you can damage the engine. (even if you misalign the belt)
450-600 wth the water pump. parts are probably around 100-150 in a local parts store.
every 60000 miles, don't chance changing t/belt cos if ya do it wrong it will destroy the whole engine without warning
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