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How much trouble is it to change the water pump on a 1996 geo metro 1.3 also the timing belt?

i need to change the water pump on a 1996 geo metro someone suggested i change the timing belt also the car has 130,0000 mi on suzuki motor 1.3 how much trouble would this be to doHow much trouble is it to change the water pump on a 1996 geo metro 1.3 also the timing belt?
It's no picnic, and when you are done it will still be a '96 geo metro.


Water pump: ($53.73+tax):

Timing Belt: ($30.33+tax)

Start by getting all of the external stuff out of the way - the hood is tiny so remove it (trust me - it is a lot easier to work on a car with the hood off). Jack it up and put it on stands too.

Remove any accessory junk, coolant overflow, hoses, etc., be very careful with any wiring and connections - then start taking stuff off the engine - alternator, power steering pump, air conditioner compressor (you don't necessarily have to remove them, sometimes you can use zip-ties to hold them up out of the way).

Once you can access the front of the engine, remove the timing belt cover (sometimes easier said than done). I break most of them, because they aren't designed to come off while the engine is in the car (without jacking the engine up and removing a motor mount).

Be ABSOLUTELY SURE to check for timing marks on the crank and cam - if both gears do not have them, then you will need to mark the gears and the block/head so you can put it back into time when you put the new belt on. Failure to do so can cause a lot of wasted time, and could possibly damage the engine.

Turn the engine over (pulling the spark plugs makes this easier to do - and you probably need to inspect those anyway), until it is at 'TDC', meaning that both the crank and the cam timing marks are pointing straight up (the engine might be at a bit of a tilt).

Triple check your timing marks - and then release the tensioner (most people suggest replacing the tensioner along with the timing belt and water pump, but I never have). Remove the old belt, and then remove the water pump.

Install the new water pump - put the new timing belt on, line up your timing marks, and let the tensioner back down.

Cuss when it goes out of time when it tightens up and turns one or both gears. Release it again, and play with the way they are lined up so that when it tightens up that both crank and cam timing marks are EXACTLY lined up. If you put the whole thing back together and it isn't in time, you will be very mad.

Reassemble, and if you did everything right, fire it up!How much trouble is it to change the water pump on a 1996 geo metro 1.3 also the timing belt?
Before you attempt those repairs, I suggest you go and get yourself a repair manual for your car. Some engines are harder and more complicated than others. The manual will give you step-by-step instructions on how to do those and many other repairs. Read the instructions and then decide if it's something you can do or would be better in the hands of a pro.
Water pump is very hard.
Leave it to the experts, you only need the timing slightly out, and you will wreck the whole valve train, or even the pistons, better to spend $600 than $2500.

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