Sunday, November 21, 2010

How do i change a timing belt on a citroen xantia hdi year 1999?

any help and suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated to steer me into the right direction!

thank youHow do i change a timing belt on a citroen xantia hdi year 1999?
No special tools are required to do this job, there are some available but they are not really needed. some special knowledge will help. A timing belt replacement is not a difficult or hard job its just a little aukward and it has to be done right.

Access is the main point as its tight to work in. Use tipex or a paint pen to mark the cam and crank pulley, you dont need to worry about the injection pump on a hdi as its a common rail pump that does not need timing up.

You are better buying a cam belt kit so you get the tensioner's and guide pulleys too. Also being a hdi i can safely bet that the water pump is leaking slightly and may as well be replaced while your there.

If your unsure its not really worth the risk, the replacement cost of a cam belt can be as little as a 10th of the cost that it would be to reapir a broken belt or incorrectly fitted one.How do i change a timing belt on a citroen xantia hdi year 1999?
Go onto youtube. They have video uploads to show you how to change it.
you take the old one off then put the new one on.
no experience ? dont do it . potentially you can cause a lot of damage .
dont attempt if you fit incorrectly you will do a lot of damage to your engine go to garage or phone mobile mechanic to fit make sure u get a warranty
This is a big job on the Xantia HDI. It takes about 4.5 hours and you need 9 special tools to complete the job. My advice is if you are not a confident mechanic and can't get hold of the special tools needed. Forget it, and get a professional to do it. If you get it wrong you could do a lot of damage to the engine. It would cost more than the car is worth to repair.
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