Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Should i change the timing belt on my 98 Mits Eclipse?

I heard its recommended that you change the timing belt every 80k miles. I have a 98 Mitsubishi eclipse GSX. How much will the total cost be to get it changed? Should i change the timing belt on my 98 Mits Eclipse?
When the car is due for the timing belt replacement, it's a very good idea to follow the manufacturer's recommendation. If the timing belt breaks, you're not only replacing the belt but also replacing some of the internal parts of the engine. Also it's a good idea to change the water pump when changing timing belt(save lots of $$$ on labor if done at the same time) any honest mechanic would recommend that you replace the water pump when changing the timing belt. Timing belt and water pump replacement should cost you about $500. little more or less.

80k miles is 20k miles over due. the belt should be replaced at 60k miles.Should i change the timing belt on my 98 Mits Eclipse?
At a shop about $500.00 if done correctly, All seals, belts and gaskets that parts and labor.
interference engine! get it changed when it is due. If it breaks you will do expensive damage to your engine. find an honest independent shop, as you friends who they use. good luck.
Yes you should get it changed with a genuine belt, If it snaps and your lucky the car will stop and need a tow truck, if it breaks and your unlucky it will screw the entire motor up. If you dont have the money just yet take it to a mechanic and get him to check the condition the belt is in

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