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At how many miles should i change my timing belt on my Yaris?

i have a 2000 toyota yaris 1.3sr its done 70,000 miles and is fine no problems but my friend has a 2003 clio that has 60000 miles on it and his belt went and cost him over 3k to fix the damage. when should i change mine i have heard everything from 90000 to 250000 any idea?

thank youAt how many miles should i change my timing belt on my Yaris?
These intervals range from every 60,000 miles to every 105,000 miles, you need to replace your timing belt. If not replaced in time, it may break possibly causing serious engine damage. When a timing belt breaks, the camshaft stops turning leaving some of the valves in the open position. The crankshaft, because it's heavier, continues to rotate by inertia. In an interference engine, this will cause the pistons to strike the valves that left open. This may result in broken or bent valves, damaged pistons, and possibly, destroyed cylinder head.

The damage will be less extensive in a non-interference engine but in either case, the engine will stall, leaving you stranded.

At how many miles should i change my timing belt on my Yaris?
you never know... company recommends a date or mileage that it should be done.. dont mean it will make it til that or cant say how long it will after it.... its only a recommendation and most of the time when a timimng belt or chain breaks it can cause damage to other parts costing more than the belt....really its only up to the driver to decide.. you call a few places and get a price and decide if your ready or wait it out
70,000 miles
100,000 is usually when you should do it - along with the water pump.

A timing belt can go anywhere from 90-250K without breaking (depending greatly on how the car is driven and maintained).

Most modern cars have 'interference' engines (valves and pistons are timed to miss each other), so if the timing belt breaks, or if it jumps time because it has stretched - then it can result in serious damage to the valves, pistons, or both.

Get a quote from the Toyota dealer, it might be expensive - but it's much cheaper than having it fail and destroy the engine.

If it is getting up in miles, and you can't afford to take it to Toyota, then ask around if anyone can suggest a good mechanic, try to get a few quotes.
manufacturer recommends 90,000 miles
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