Friday, November 19, 2010

How do i know when to change the timing belt?

i have an Acura 3.2 TL, when i bought it, it has 90 000 km on it. Now it has 217 000 km. I never did the timing belt before. Do i have to do it? or did the previous owner already changed it already?How do i know when to change the timing belt?
On most overhead cam engines if the belt breaks it will do major damage to the engine because the valves will hit the pistons. Check the owners manuel for the recomended times to change. When in doubt change it anyway, it will be a lot cheaper than a new engine.

If you are mechanically inclined get a repair manuel and change it yourself. Check the timing belt idler for wear, if it goes out it will ruin the belt. On most engines there are other parts that you may want to replace at the same time because of the labor involved in getting to them. (other belts, water pumps, hoses., ect)How do i know when to change the timing belt?
Either done or not done... You are do..

Any time from 90,000 and on is Roulette..( changed or not changed)

I'd do it....
some engines have a timng belt cover or covers that you can remove and visually inspect the belt. some covers are a pain to remove tho
i would say your over do. better change it now or you will be looking at some big bucks later.

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