Friday, November 19, 2010

How do I change the timing belt on my 1990 Honda Civic?

Any experts? I'm good with cars but, I have never changed a timing belt?

Can you explain in detail how to do it?

thanksHow do I change the timing belt on my 1990 Honda Civic?
1) get some 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 17mm, 19mm, sockets and wrenches. and a 1/16'; allen wrench, small bench vice.

2) disconnect battery + and tape a rag on it.

2.1) remove power steering pump and set aside. this can usually be done without disconnecting lines.

2.2) remove alternator.

3) turn engine with socket on crank (17mm or 19mm) until timing marks are t.d.c.

4) remove timing cover (10mm socket) needed for this should be 8 or 10 small bolts.

5) dont forget the 2 at the oil pan connection below (12mm socket)remove crank pulleys (17mm socket)

6) once covers are off locate tensioner and insert 1/16'; allen wrench in hole on side of tensioner this will save lots of grief later. and then remove. (12mm socket)

7) on the valve sprockets there will be a dimple that you line up with a notch on top of cyl head usually at 12:00 position.

8) remove timing belt.

9) reverse order to re assemble.

10) oh darn the allen wrench wont fit because belt is too streched or broken! (no worries, compress in small vise and put allen wrench in make sure that you put it in the correct side or you'll have a problem when you go to remove it after the new belt is on)

11) just for future reference get yourself a Clymers auto manual. about $20 but worth it.

12) also i'd replace your water pump while you have it apart because that is a pain to get to.

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