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How costly and difficult is it to change the timing belt on a 1990 escort xr3i (cvh)?

your so far answers are from people who have never seen a modern engine,,,,modern engines are usually packed under the the bonnet so tight that the timing belt is usually impossible to change without removing the radiator first,.

to change it you need to remove the cover and spark plugs so you can turn the engine by hand,it needs setting at (usually 3deg)before top dead centre of the no 1 cylinder,each timing belt is marked with a line,if you see where the line is on the old belt and put the new one in the same place you are ok,,,if you dont then the valves drop as the pistons rise and you have a greatly F***ed engine,,,mechanics set the belt with computers and previously ';strobe';lights so they dont get it wrong,its time consuming and costly and timing belts should be changed about every 80,ooo miles,or by a saab in future they dont have a timing belt,they use a double';bicycle';chain which lasts the life of the carHow costly and difficult is it to change the timing belt on a 1990 escort xr3i (cvh)?
If its a simple belt then a few bucks, you can put it in yourself. If its one of those kind that snakes around everything then tack on a couple of more bucks and consider 1 hour of labor at a reputable shop.How costly and difficult is it to change the timing belt on a 1990 escort xr3i (cvh)?
its a petrol engine and fairly easy to do, BUT i advise you change the water pump at the same time... the Mk 4 was prone to blowing up after the timing belt change... (Its a crap pump)
Are you refering to the Cam belt (timing belt) or the accesory belt?

Cam belt is the big one under the cover along side the engine top to bottom (ish).

The accesory belt snakes around pulleys and tensioners, Goes to the alternator, water pump etc...

The accesory belt should be simple, relatively cheap belt, and hour to do if you dont minde getting your hands dirty, haines manual will walk you through it.

If its the Cam (timing) belt you mean its not that simple, unless your a very compatent mechanic you rish screwing the engine up for good if you get it a little bit wrong, even one or two teeth out of place can be a killer.. dead.. forever.

So all in all...

Accesory (known as fan) belt - worth a go if you dont mind getting dirty and a few quid for the belt from halfords and a haines manual and a socket set.

Cam Belt - competant mechanic who knows what hes doing - costs the money, but if its done wrong the cars a gonna, and to be honest a 1990 plate xr3i isnt worth jack with a knackered engine after the cams been killed.
Piece of pi*s 20 quid for a belt engine at TDC and about 45 minutes and your done
It will take about 2 hours labour time in a garage (with the correct equipment) If you attempt to do it at home, without the correct equipment then it will take a lot longer.

May I recomment that you fit a cambelt kit rather than just a belt, as with a kit you get the pulley and bearing (which also wear).

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