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How long does it take to change a timing belt on an Oldsmobile Cutlass?

I don't know how many miles or the exact year. I think it's early to mid 1990's. It's my boyfriend's car and he's thinking of changing it on its own. I just want to know how long that might take.How long does it take to change a timing belt on an Oldsmobile Cutlass?
I own a shop, and build many engines. A good experienced mechanic will take about six - eight hours. Some engines have belts, while others have chains, it just depends on which engine you are talking about. I know I may get some flack about how long it takes, and what the book calls for, but If a person does one, then one must consider the tool thing. How is he going to remove the damper from the crankshaft? Sometimes they will break, even using the correct gear puller on them. Some have a tensioner that must be replaced in them, so this job can turn into a nightmare for a backyard mechanic sometimes. Tell your BF to go purchase a ';Haynes Repair Manual'; from the parts store ';before'; he tries to tackle the job, or he may end up with a blown engine on his hands.

Part 2:

Many people on here over look the fact; the answers thing is world wide, and they are assuming you are in the USA. Like I said it depends on the engine as to the chain, or belt thing. The chains use a different type of tensioner. It has what is known as a wear strip on the tensioner, and if this is worn it will have to be replaced. It's not worth getting in a fight with your BF over ';its a belt, or its a chain';! If it's his car, then let him work on it, and don't worry about ';how long'; it will take to do the job because; once he gets started on it, he will see it's a job he doesn't need to do, and that will be the end of that. Sounds like he wants to be a mechanic, and what better way for him to get started? Giving your BF some space may do more for your relationship than he will for the car. I think once he see's what he is getting in to, he will forget about changing it. One can love a puppy, but hold it too hard, and squeeze it to death.

Glad to help out, Good Luck!!!How long does it take to change a timing belt on an Oldsmobile Cutlass?
as long as the mechanic feels it takes.
How experienced is your boy friend with mechanics? It is a six hour job if you know what you are doing. First thing to do before he starts tearing into the car is to find true top center on the number one cylinder. That is the compression stroke of the cylinder. Once that is established you will be able to remove the radiator and the water pump and hoses. Remove the valve cover where the number 1 cylinder is and watch the valve spring open and close on the number 1 cylinder. Make certain that it is the intake valve not the exhaust valve. Remove the timing cover and look at the posistion of the dot on the large gear. That is the gear on the top. Double check that it is on the compression stroke of the number 1 cylinder.

Line up the two dots on the new timing chain in the middle facing each other on the gears. Rotate the engine by hand until the dot on the large gear is at the very top in alignment with the lower gear. That is actual top dead center on the number 1 cylinder. Double check your work. Rotate the engine once again and watch the intake valve open then close. The dot on the large gear should be in alignment in the middle with the dots facing each other. After that rotate the engine until the dot is at the exact top in alignment with the lower dot. Replace the timing cover and accessories. Good luck little Lady.................
well first place its chain change only if broke or worn time well everything on front of motor has to come off 3.5 to 5.5 for someone experienced and the right tools
There is no timing belt on these cars, only a timing chain. Why change it?

This isn't really a job that I would tackle in my driveway. It would take 4 or 5 hours if you are familiar with changing timing chains. On this particular engine, the oil filter adapter housing/pressure regulator is bolted to the side of the front cover in front of the R/S inner tripod joint. You must remove the R/S axle to access it.

Good Luck
as long as it takes like an afternoon
this car definitely has a timing chain but they can still stretch and the plastic rollers on them can crack and break. this is not a job for even a slightly experienced gear head. let a professional do it because if you mess it up, youre out a car. but if a shop messes it up, you get compensated.... let's be smart here
if you dont know what you are doing it could take a verry long time.. if you do know what your are doing. shouldnet take more than a couple of hours.... but you got to make sure you get the timing right.. and that is verry easy to screw up.. if the timing wheel gets turned at all.. and you put the belt back on it can be in the wrong positon and the car wont start .. the valves halve to be in the right position.. and a certin valve hals te be the one that is up .. and they go around twic there is two positions where that valve will be up if i remember correctly.. been a long time sine i worked on timing...

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