Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How can I change the timing belt on a BMW 520?

I have a BMW 520 and it seems to make a clicking sound whenever I start the engine and run the car however it stops when I come to a halt. Having searched the web, it seems to be an issue of changing the timing belt but am unsure how to change it or if it is the cause. I would appreciate any help.How can I change the timing belt on a BMW 520?
That ticking noise could mean you only need to have the valves adjusted....Do this first..The older BMW 525 and 528 cars have mechanical valves, not hydraulic ones. Have them adjusted. If the ticking remains, check the plug wires...Bad wires cause arcing which sounds like loud ticking noises and you'll notice bad idle conditions. If there was a problem with timing, you'd know it. The car would not run at all....How can I change the timing belt on a BMW 520?
Yes you can, but the amount of money you would spend on the tool kit to do it means that it would be better to take it to the BMW dealer who can take care of it. Alternatively, get rid of it and buy a decent car.
Take it to a mechanic who specializes in BMW.
Tony G is correct , same recommendations here i am just a BMW driver.
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