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How many more miles be for changing timing belt on 1998 toyota corolla?

I'm 19 and my 1998 corolla has 163000 miles. Its been really good to me but i just want to know that is the timing belt or chain breaks will it destroy the engine? and another question is how can i make the car's intake bigger because i feel that its not getting enough cold air? is there after market parts for toyota corolla?How many more miles be for changing timing belt on 1998 toyota corolla?

The 1998-2009 US Toyota Corolla has a timing chain, while a 1990-1997 US Toyota Corolla has a timing belt.

There is no prescribed service interval for the timing chain. If you had a timing belt, for that model year you would change it every 60,000 miles or 4 years.

You should check your Corolla's scheduled maintenance guide to see if there's any other major services that you may have missed... many more miles be for changing timing belt on 1998 toyota corolla?
have the belt done soon. if the timing belt jumps time or breaks, major engine damage can occur. a good rule of thumb is every 80k-100k miles.

cold air intakes and short ram intakes are available for allmost any car or truck. AEM makes good kits, along with fujita, weapon-r and K%26amp;N.

There are literally tons of after market parts available for your year corolla
simple check your model code on the compliance plate under the bonnet if the model number starts with ae/11 series you will have either a 4afe 1600 cc motor of 7afe /1800 cc both use timing belt if you model code starts with zze/12series you will find the motor fitted will bw either a 1azfe 1600 cc 1.6 litre or 2azge 1800 cc or 1.8litre. this series of engines are fitted with timing chain
If your car has never had the belt replaced you are probably on thin ice. There will be no other damage if the belt does break though. If you have the belts done you will probably be told that you need some oil seals or maybe a water pump etc. Be prepared for the extra expense. I would not spend money trying to make an 11 year old car faster. You will not accomplish much and performance parts are expensive.
I think it has a timing chain, so don't sweat it. See source below.
You have a maintenance-free timing belt so you don't have to do anything to it.

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