Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How do you change a timing belt on a 2001 Mazda Millenia?

I am looking at changing the timing belt in my Mazda. I am in the military and have access to a automotive hobby shop where I can access tools and lifts needed to do the work. I am wondering how hard it is to do this job and how long it will take. Any information would be great thanks.How do you change a timing belt on a 2001 Mazda Millenia?
what motor? 2.5 is way easier than the 2.3. i have never done a 2.5, but if it is a 2.3, here are some pointers. you will have to pull the rt wheel, and splash shield. i also pull the motor mount, and the upper radiator hose, which means draining the coolant. this will give you clearance to remove the auto belt tensioners. ahh, the auto tensioners. there are 2. BUT WAIT-before pulling the tensioners/belts, MAKE SURE you loosen the bolt/nuts for the water pump pulley AND the p/s pump pulley. otherwise, you will have to get a really good strap wrench, and do a LOT of cussing. long extensions, and swivel head sockets are a big help, especially when removing the tensioners, and the plastic cover. of course, the motor will have to be supported, and around this time, you will probably notice that the motor mounts are fubar. they are liquid filled, and only last about 60k. dont get the ebay ones, they are NOT liquid filled, and the motor will sit too high. the hood will hit. ask me how i know. you will need a really good auto tensioner tool. the tensioners are spring loaded, and you have to relieve the tension to get the 2 serp belts off/on. if you try it with a box end, it will take 2 strong men and a boy, and there just aint much clearance in there. the motor will have to be tilted up and down several times to get at stuff. you will need a really good impact to get the bolt on the harmonic balancer. my impact is 600 ft/lbs rev torque, and it barely breaks it loose the first time. if your motor has been in the rust belt, i would first try to pull the harmonic balancer, because it will be ON there. if you cannot pull the balancer, you cannot remove the covers, and you cannot get to the timing belt. that is critical. even if it has not been in the rust belt, it is hard to remove. you may want to get a slide hammer kit to pull it off. the covers are held on with 6mm bolts, and you will need long extensions and a swivel socket to get at them, or really tiny hands and double jointed arms. you should also change out the tensioner, water pump, and pulleys. be prepared with cam/crank seals, too. however, if you need to change cam seals, that is a HUGE job. the whole intake has to come off.

some of this info also applies to the 2.5.

now the good news. mazda motors are non interference. the belt is nitrile, and mazda recommends changing it at 105k. i have seen/pulled belts at over 180k that look new. the water pumps seem to last a very long time, and the seals seem to be very good. unless you have a leak, or a bad water pump, i would let it go to 200k. if it breaks, all it will do is leave you stranded, there will not be any motor damage.How do you change a timing belt on a 2001 Mazda Millenia?
It depends on what is in the way... Since it's a transverse or ';sideways'; mounted engine, it could be pretty difficult. It's probably going to involve taking off some bolts or nuts that are hard to get to without removing other parts, but in the case of a timing belt, you don't usually have a choice. You just have to change it. You might be able to get away with just removing wheel well covers and the passenger side front wheel (depending on which side the timing belt is on). If you have any problems, get a factory service manual for that year and model from your local mazda/ford dealer. If you don't have access to one of these usually expensive manuals, go with second best and get a Haynes or Chilton manual for this car usually available at any auto parts store... Good luck.

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