Friday, November 19, 2010

How would i change a timing belt in a car?

its an old Probe... dodge i think but im not sure. its my sisters and we need to change the belt cause its worn and needs to be changed. her car also stalls while she turns an we dont know what causes itHow would i change a timing belt in a car?
Pretty much if you need to ask, it may very easily be beyond your abilities.

With that said, here's my advice.

The Probe was built by Ford between 1988 to 1997. It was a collaboration between Ford and Mazda built on the Mazda GD platform. It shares many parts with the Mazda MX-6. It is also an old car so I understand why you would want to do it yourself instead of paying a mechanic several hundred dollars.

First, get the exact year, make, model, transmission, and engine for this car.

Go to the Auto Zone website. They have an excellent Do It Yourself section. You can have online access to many service manuals for free. You can not download the manuals. However you can print any sections you will need. You must register to access this section. Registration is free. I have never received any SPAM by registering.

You should study your downloaded pages closely before you proceed to see if you are getting in over your head.

Some additional advice.

A little organization will go a long way.

Get some 1 quart and 1 gallon zip lock bags, generic will do. Get a roll of 2 inch masking tape. Get a sharpie. Every time you remove a part put it and any fasteners and any hardware in a zip lock bag and label it with your sharpie. If the part is too big for a zip lock bag, put only the loose parts in the bag.

Label every electrical connector, vacuum line, fluid line, etc, with masking tape and a sharpie

Most people have access to a digital camera. Before you start take several pictures from different angles of the engine. With each major component you remove take a new set of pictures. These pictures can be very helpful later on if you forget how a part goes back on.How would i change a timing belt in a car?
If you need to ask that question on Yahoo answers, then you are not qualified to do it. Take it to a shop. Trust me!

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