Friday, November 19, 2010

Can anyone tell me how to change a timing belt?

My '93 chevy 1500 need a new timing kit its real loose and i got no power. How would i change it and up my power. thxCan anyone tell me how to change a timing belt?
Unless you ever worked on a car before take to chevy, it should cost around 500-850 parts and labor, very hard job to explain and harder to do, even us vets hate doing them, you have to make sure you have motor timed correctly before you remove anything also, you need a few special tools, its not something you could just do at home on a first time, i would take it in. Now im not sure if that motor has a belt or chain to check simply look under hood a chain willl be sealed and oil cooled, a belt will be external and just have a plastic cover over it on outside of block you can usally peek inside and see belt, if you hear it slapping the top of timing cover then its past its time.Can anyone tell me how to change a timing belt?
bring it to a ase mechanic
Yes, but you first have to have a vehicle that uses a timing belt.If you have a timing belt in that engine you have some serious issues. That engine does not use a timing belt. You obviously need to take your vehicle to someone that knows what they are doing.
Do you mean serpentine belt? You will have to loosen the alternator, remove the belt, install the new one, brace a crow bar against the alternator until the belt is tight, tighten bolts. Then check your timing and readjust if necessary.

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