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How much will it cost to change a timing belt on a 1999 Honda Accord?

I have been told that at 60K you should change it. Also is 146K on a 99 Accord too much?How much will it cost to change a timing belt on a 1999 Honda Accord?
$200.How much will it cost to change a timing belt on a 1999 Honda Accord?
Avg life of a timing belt is from 60,000-100,000 miles, depending on the car make and model.

Honda's are known to lean more towards the 85,000-90,000 mile mark before they tend to break.

146,000 miles on a Honda? Nah....she's just now breaking in. Routine maintance and a loving owner and she can last you into the 200,000 range without much effort. Seen some Honda's over 300,000.

For her age of 1999 and 146, is high miles for her age. Average person only drives 10,000-13,500 miles per year. Your car has averaged just under 21,000 miles per year.

Sounds like my work trucks hahahahaha.
The cost for a new timing belt is about $13. The labor to replace it could be a couple of hours since many parts need to be removed to get to it.

The Honda 2.3L is an interference engine which means if the timing belt breaks then the engine will be damaged. So do not put off replacing the belt.
This type of repair here in Washington State may cost as much as $450.00 or more, now, the honda engine has a timig belt and a balance belt.

The Recommended replacement interval for the timing belt on the vehicle you mention is shown on alldata to be 105k and change the waterpump at the same time!

The labor should be about 4.6 -5.0 hrs for both the 4 cylinder engine and the V-6 at between $65.-$85/hr and that is counting on replacing the waterpump which is highly recommended on a honda, as the waterpump is driven by the timing belt and not replacing it, if the waterpump should fail it will also destroy the timing belt.

I cannot quote parts prices as they vary so much from state to state but what I can say is DO NOT EVER USE AFTERMARKET PARTS IN A HONDA IN THIS REPAIR AREA ALL PARTS ARE NOT THE SAME hondas are very pickey and work much better with factory parts as factory parts are exactly right.
it is going to be between $200 and $400. I had to put a new water pump in my Kia, and I ended up messing up the timing, so I had to tow it to the dealer, and just to install the belt they charged me $245 I think, and then tried to sell me on about another $1500 in repairs I didn't need. I am a pretty good mechanic, so I didn't buy any of their bull crap. I would suggest, if possible, you try to do it yourself. You will need a book to set the engine timing, and you will have to set the ignition timing. But it took me about 3 hours to do it, and I never done it before. I had the timing almost on, but it just wouldn't start. And I undid the distributor thinknig I may have been able to start it by messing witht he timing, and those sorry people left it loose and it took me about 3 days to catch on. I hate going to people to work on my car!!!! I ran my Kia to about 102,000 and had to rebuild the motor, and the belt still looked decent.
On a crown VICTORIA is $400 just for the timing chain!! If that will help you... Shop around...
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