Sunday, November 21, 2010

How do you change the timing belt on Ford Couture 1998?

when my car takes off it is slow once it gets going however it is fine unless you make lots of turns and stops then tends to die on me. I had a check engine light and said viable cam timing overreatered thiHow do you change the timing belt on Ford Couture 1998?
More than likely you have a problem with the variable cam timing system, not advancing cam timing when you accelerate. The Zetec DOES have variable timing, that is why there is a big VCT logo stamped on the valve cover, the posts below are untrue. I would suggest having it looked at by a professional. This engine requires special timing procedures, there are no cam sprocket keyways or marks, a special tool is inserted in the end of the cams and another tool is screwed into the side of the block to time crankshaft to correct position.How do you change the timing belt on Ford Couture 1998?
Most likely its a hard rubber belt, and from what you said, I think it broke, which is probably why you can't find it. It goes around the wheels, usually in the front of the engine, it has to turn the crank, which is connected to your main engine, and the alternater, which supplies the electrical power to the plugs, among other things, and you might have an Air Conditioner, so there might be two wheels, maybe even three. If it is indeed a timing belt, then that might be made of metal, but I've seen them made of rubber. If you have all the meters you can fix it, but if you don't, just have a mechanic come take a look at it.
Since I don't believe the Mazda/Zetec 4 cyl has variable cam timing it sounds like you have the SVT with the 2.5 V-6. That thing is quite an experience to service. As long as it is still running the timing belt is NOT broken, however it may be on it's way out, and you do NOT want that to let go altogether. If the belt has slipped a tooth or two it will make a dog out of it. And it may fool the ECM into thinking it's it's a problem with the variable as it detects an out of expected range condition. I would consult a dealer, or at least buy a manual that covers this model specifically. And there is special tools needed to set the timing properly.
There is Variable Cam timing on all 2.0 DOHC's made after 1997 (if the car was a 1998 model)

If you have a MIL with that code, I'd recommend what yugie says 100% and bring it to a shop (preferably ones like a dealer or who ain't afraid of those motors as some independants are.. at least in my area) Also there are special tools as he said and even those familiar with the engine have problems at times (as it requires removing a motor mount and supporting the engine with a holding fixture)

You could have belt problems, but I've seen more problems causing codes from lack of oil changes casuing blockages and finally seezing of the VCT..

get it researched and get it done right...
Well, it's not variable cam timing's a hydraulic damper on the 2nd cam. It's a real pain. You should take it to the ford dealership and let them fix it as they have all of the special tools required. good luck.

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