Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cost to change timing belt?

Hi i have a 1997 toyota corolla , how much to change the timing belt ? and do you they have to replace the water pump at the same time?Cost to change timing belt?

The response by Urban and Bill S capture the basics pretty well. However, it is incorrect to state that a chain is used for a 97 Corolla, because it uses a fabric belt (drives double overhead cams).

On this model year (both engine sizes), the timing belt drives the water pump. It takes about 45 minutes more to replace the pump when doing the belt. This includes draining the cooling system and refilling, and cleaning the area where the pump is inserted into the block - must be perfectly clean.

I recommend replacing both, because the new pump should last until the next belt change. This is good preventive maintenance. If the pump fails, the belt gets contaminated from coolant and must be replaced.

Cost (in San Jose, CA) are approx: labor for belt and pump $225, pump (OEM) $50, belt set $50 (includes idler pulley), coolant $12, valve cover gasket set $25, crankshaft and cam shaft seals, $15., sealant $4. You can pick the items you want!

The 97 Toy is a great car and should run at least 300K miles with proper maintenance. See below url for more info.

MarcCost to change timing belt?
about 700 bucks...do the water pump also...the reason is you have to remove the radiator belts etc to change a waterpunp if it goes bad ...you don't want to have this procedure done twice in a year are so..maintenance books also recommends this procedure
You should replace the water pump at the same time, but you don't absolutley have to. To answer the first part of your question, it depends on where you go to have the timing belt changed. A dealership, obviously, will charge you more than a mechanic. The total $700 to $1500, unless you know someone who'll do it for you.
we charge 259.00 for parts and labor and i would recommend doing the water pump also will save you money and labor in the future if you plan on keeping the car .and i do recommend taking it to the dealer we do them everyday , if you take it to the garage down the street it could cost you more because they don't know what there doing and could mess things up.
they dont have to replace the water pump at the same time but if you want it done it would be best to do them together. Many people get the serpentine and timing belt mixed up. the serpentine is cheap and you can do yourself. the timing belt, well actually a timing chain is very exspensive.

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