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How do you know its time to change a timing belt on a suzuki forenza 2006?

how do you know its time to change a timing belt on a 2006 Suzuki forenza with 34 miles on it???? What are the signs that its time for a new timing beltHow do you know its time to change a timing belt on a suzuki forenza 2006?
There are no warning signs. Just follow this advice from Suzuki:

The Suzuki Forenza Maintenance Schedule suggests inspecting it at 30,000 mile intervals and replacing it at 60,000 mile intervals.

This car has an interference engine. That means that if the timing belt breaks the engine will suffer severe internal damage and will likely have to be replaced. Replacing the timing belt is rather expensive, but doing so may save you an engine.....

You are not only supposed to check it at 30,000, but it may need to be adjusted. The belt can get loose after it has stretched and it needs to be tightened back up.How do you know its time to change a timing belt on a suzuki forenza 2006?
It needs to be looked at 30,000 miles and replace at 60,000 miles. Your other belt that runs the fan,AC,and other things should be replace at the same time as they have to take it off to replace the timing belt and could save your some labor costs. Cracked,chiped,or some loose treads are a good sign but not always. A good mechic can tell you if its is time and you are looking at a few hundred bucks to have it done. If you have only 34 miles on your car for a 06 then you got a good deal then.
There are no signs. It just goes in a second. I'm pretty sure you have an 'interference' type engine. Most people do. That means when the timing belt fails, the engine will have major damage and may need replacement.

Every car owner lives with this so don't get too excited. Look in your car manual and be sure the timing belt is replaced exactly at the mileage stated. Not sooner and not later. Also have the water pump and belts replaced at the same time. That's done because they need replacement around the same time as the timing belt and it's cheaper to get the extras done while they have things apart.
Check your owners manual. Sometimes a busted timing belt can damage valves. My 03 neon is 84 months or around 100,000 miles. 30,000 is not right for any car. That's way too soon. My mechanic looked up info on my car.
Timing belts are to be replaced every 30,000 miles to keep the valve train working right.
it will tell you in your service guide and handbook, if not, research on google or wikpedia, engines vary and range from 30,000 to 78,000.

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