Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How important is it to change timing belt on a 2002 hyundai elantra with 57,000?

i broke a prospective car over to my mechanic to check it out...its a 2002 hyundai elantra with 57,000 miles, he said it will need the timing belt changed in 3,000 miles...because if it breaks on me, it will affect the motor...he said the same of my 1994 escort at 67,000 miles and it has 85,000 now, and i still havent changed it..im playing with fire on that one Im sure.....what do u think on the HYUNDAI....?How important is it to change timing belt on a 2002 hyundai elantra with 57,000?
very important. should it snap...it will not be possible to repair the vehicle...so best not to play with fire, eh?How important is it to change timing belt on a 2002 hyundai elantra with 57,000?
Hmm, quite important if you would like to not have it break down on the interstate and screw your car up for good, thus leaving you in the hot summer sun...SCREWED. By the way, Hyundai sucks.
It sounds to me like you need to find another mechanic! Most vehicles these days (1990-current) usually need the timing belt changed at 100,000 miles. Sounds like your mechanic is pulling your leg on this one. Just to be safe, check your owners manual to verify the date or milage it should be changed. And even then I would have it looked at every other oil change to inspect for damage or wear. If there is no rough running in the motor or missing (cylinder not firing), it should be ok until 100,000 miles!
It all depends on how it was driven in those 57K miles. My 02 Elantra GLS we just traded in (with 90K on the odometer) and I had NOT changed the belts because they looked good and were tight upon frequent inspection. It's about a $200-300 service but as others said, don't play with fire -especially since you don't know how it was driven before you got it. The person before you could have totally ragged out the car.

My Hyundai was a great car...I traded it in on a new 07 GLS and got a great deal.
Change it at 60K, if it breaks before that, the warranty should pay for it. It will cost around $350 to change it before it breaks and about $1800 to change it after it breaks. It will most likely break before 80K. But exactly when...nobody knows. Don't chance it-change it.
The timing belt is actually that, a belt ! You don't want to run the risk of costly engine repairs because of the belt snapping. Sure it may look good and could go over 100k but why take that chance ? If it was a chain you could go over 100k without much worry.
I have seen timing belts break and take out the engine on, otherwise, very well running cars, and sadly, they are scrapped over it. I would highly recommend changing it, especially if you do alot of driving, and since you haven't owned the vehicle from new so you don't know how the vehicle was previously driven. Other things that you will need to be aware of with this particular model is the wiper transmission will seize and need replacing, and the front pipe/manifold will likely crack and need replacing. Otherwise, great little reliable cars that definitely get the job done.

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