Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How much does it cost to change a Timing Belt?

Hi How much does it cost to change a Timing Belt? I have a VW Polo 2000 and the Timing belt wants changing is it expensive to change? i want to buy the belt myself and get a garage to change it.

ThanksHow much does it cost to change a Timing Belt?
A good garage won't fit a belt you provide yourself, as they cannot guarantee its quality. In any case, it is the labour which will cost most.

I'd ring around several garages for quotes. Again, a good one will suggest you at least also let them look at the tensioner and maybe other pulleys, depending on how it's set up, while they're at it. This is because it's often false economy just to fit the belt and have to dismantle it all again in the near future.

As already said, although it costs a fair bit that is nothing to what it will cost if it fails . . .How much does it cost to change a Timing Belt?
about $400.00 depends on the vehicle, it's a huge job. I've done one...
Ok i looked it up 800 for labor plus 80 for the belt they might do it for 800 i do my own if i was you.
belt is probably about 40 bucks.i would call around independent shops because the price will be different.-----i paid 60 bucks labor for my ford ranger.....other shops wwas about 120-170.youre car probably more.if theres any small towns around where you live it probably will be cheaper there
let the garage do it all as the cost of the belt is minimal, phone a garage and get a quote but i think it will cost about 70 quid to replace one but if it breaks then you are looking at 300 plus to fix the damage
You may need to replace the water pump and belt pulleys as well at 100,000 miles. Total cost is eight hundred dollars (four hundred pounds) and money well spent if you have an ';interference'; type engine that suffers $$$ damage if the belt breaks. If not, just keep driving and let the belt break. Then get a tow job from your cell phone.
Well in Ireland a timing belt for a 00 Polo is about 鈧?0. That's for a ';Gates'; brand which is one of the best. The labour here is about 鈧?0 and it shouldn't be anymore, if it is then your being ripped off cause it's not a huge job in most cases.
In the uk, if a dealer replaces a timing belt, the new belt is guaranteed for life, should it break, the dealer is responsible for the repairs to the engine.

You wont get the same guarantee from other garages so I think it is worth the extra.

Ask your VW dealer

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