Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Long Does It Take To Change A Timing Belt?

A friend asked me if I could change her timing belt for her since I've done other repairs for her (brake pads, master cylinder, oil changes, etc... ) and I don't want to let her down ;) but the only problem is that it's been a while since I've done this and I'm not sure how long and how difficult the job will be. Any one know some tricks of the trade that may help? It's for a dc2 00' btw.How Long Does It Take To Change A Timing Belt?
Danger, Will Robinson! I assume you mean it is an Integra DC2. That is an ambitious job at best. If you have access to a manly impact wrench (500 ft-lb minimum) to loosen the crank bolt the rest is fairly simple, if labor intensive. I allow a day to change a Honda/Acura timing belt because of the potential for things going pear-shaped, and to take the time pressure off. Access is not good and it is normally advised to remove the driver's side engine mount (along with moving accessories on that side) for access. Honda vehicles are like onions (or ogres) - they are in layers, and removing the outer layers is the trick to having room to work.

The crank bolt deserves some consideration, for it is a worthy opponent. My 500 ft-lb impact wrench requires the pressure regulator be put right at the inlet of the driver, and even then it struggles a bit. The damper needs one of the two types of holders to hold it during re-torquing. See the sources for more.

The water pump should be changed when the timing belt is off. The tensioner really should be changed, too.How Long Does It Take To Change A Timing Belt?
Some GM where you can see the entire belt and get to the tension-er. 15 min with a 3/8'; or 1/2'; ratchet to release tension..

Some Honda's - Toyota's 2-4 hours and - - unless you have some experience it is not easy.
I have seen belts that require removing an engine mount to change. They are impossible to change without equipment to support the engine. I have seen others I could change in under 5 minutes without tools. I am not familiar with your vehicle.
I have no idea what a DC2 is.

Knowing the exact year, make, model, and engine trim of her car might help.

I've only done one timing belt, and that was on a Ford Contour with a Zetec engine. That sucked bigtime. No clearance to get the water pump pulley off, they kept changing the engine so the guides were only half-true, timing marks are impossible to line up (tiny notch must be lined up to a mark three inches back, and camshafts require a special tool), motor mount had to be removed (not as bad as the first guy said, you would just use a jack and a 2x4 to hold the engine up).

Belt shredded again later because of an undiagnosed tensioner problem... took an afternoon to fix again.

But then again, Fords are impossible to work on

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