Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Price to change timing belt and water pump?

how much will it cost to have a timing belt and water pump at a independent auto shop? the dealer is asking for $1100, its an acura.Price to change timing belt and water pump?
Depends on what year. The newer these cars get the harder and harder it is to do this kind of work.

Is it a front-wheel drive? If it is, that makes replacing the water pump and timing belt infinitely more difficult.

That kind of job is always pricey, but I would suggest looking around a bit first. I don't remember ever charging over a grand even on the most horrible little Japanese cars for that kind of job.Price to change timing belt and water pump?
wow that's alot. It is a tough job. the parts cost about 100-200 but it's all labor. 1100 though is a lot. it depends what year it is. I would pay that for an -05-08 but any earlier I'd llook around

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