Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How often should we change timing belt? (every how many mileage)?

I have Volkswagen Passat....Please anybody know, let me know? How much it normally cost? Where is the cheapest place to do this? thanks.How often should we change timing belt? (every how many mileage)?
What I have read says change at 100K miles. However, if it breaks it will screw up the engine. To be safe I would have it changed at 60-80K. On my Toyota I also had them change the water pump; it cost more but will save me $$ in the long run as I plan to drive the wheels off it and will save the extra labor costs down the road.How often should we change timing belt? (every how many mileage)?
check in your owners manual for maintenance scheduled .

you can take it to your local shop. or take it to the dealer.
Most four-cylinder engines would be 60,000 miles unless you have one of those 100,000 mile no-tune engines. Mine cost about $500 to replace, but I had them do other stuff, too while they were in there.
check the manual. usually every 80,000 miles.

labor is probably going to be like 4 hours @ 60.00 per hour.

plus the cost of the belt. hint: buy the belt yourself and take it to them. as far as where to go, I dont know, I dont live in your area, and I dont know their reputations. good luck.
typically every 60k miles, but your owners manual is the best guide.

Remember that the cheapest shop might turn out to be the most expensive.
We dont change it unless it needs it
## It depends on the vehicle,car / truck / van etc. TRUE FACT: The more you use your vehicle AC the quicker the timing belt wears out. As far as a timing belt cost is concerned,go to the web site below. These are the best places to buy parts at at a very low price. Been there- done that. Nice,freindly, know there stuff,won't rip you off people!
DO NOT go over 100,000 miles! I did and had to replace my motor! I'd say about 80,000 miles.
Usually about 60,000 miles but if you want to be sure check a owners manual under servicing.It should also cost about $200 bucks plus parts which a kit runs about another $100.The kit comes with belt,seals and gears.
around 60000 miles

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