Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How much is it to change timing belt?

On 2001 IS300??How much is it to change timing belt?
Well I dont even know what an IS300 is... is that a chevy or a ford or a dodge or an isuzu or a plymouth or maybe a nissan?

Well to get a new timing belt can be very expensive, for any car. especially if it a foreign car from where you live (like if you need a specialist) It could be anywhere from 500 up to 1500 depending on the car and the mechanic. I was quoted at 1200 for a 1979 buick regal once. but I think that had a timing chain. They will also have to do the timing as well after they put on a new belt.How much is it to change timing belt?
Check the owners manual or with any mechanic. It might have a timing chain that doesn't need to be checked until 150,000 miles.

Toyotas (and Lexus) run an anti-interference engine. Meaning if the timing belt breaks your engine will stop but it won't be damaged. In other cars, like Hondas, when the timing belt breaks all of the valves stick open, the piston will strike the open valves and you'll need a new engine. I know it's not directly related but it's nice to know. Most cars with belts say to replace them between 60,000 and 75,000 miles at a cost around $300 to $400 bucks.
alldata says $310.00 without a water pump,because the water pump is partly covered by the timing belt it would be a good time to replace it.It takes 3.5 hours labor on the belt about $40.00 for the belt.The pump is expensive at $240.00 about another 1/2 hour to change.Check labor price and do the math,labor prices vari by area.
Your car is due for a full tune up. With that said its going to cost you about:

- Tensioner $53

- Timing Belt $27

- Idler Pulley for T-Belt $62

- Thermostat $13

- Water Pump $153

- Serpentine Drive Belt $30

- PCV Valve $6

For labor you are looking at about a 4-6 hour job. So that is $300-450 just in labor. Plus you will need fluids if you flush and fill coolant and do a tranny service.
$400-$800 depending on where you get it done at and what car you have. I have no clue what the price is for a IS300 but it would be somewhere in that range.
I think around $700. Be sure they replace the water pump while they are in there.

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