Monday, December 12, 2011

When should I change my Timing belt?

I have a 1999 plymouth voyager that hass 155,000 miles,and i know i should be changing the timing belt pretty soon,but what i want to know is at what mileage are these timing belts suppose to be changed by?And how much is the cost or more or less what would it cost?and im guessing i would need to change the water pump at the same time..When should I change my Timing belt?
First you have to determine which engine you have.

You can have a 2.4 4 cyl, or a 3.0 V6. Both use a timing belt, and a belt driven water pump.

On 1994 %26amp; prior models, replace at 60,000 mile intervals. On 1995-96 CA vehicles, replacement at 60,000 mile intervals is recommended but not required. On all other models except 1997-99 Caravan, Town %26amp; Country %26amp; Voyager, replace at 100,000 mile intervals (if not previously replaced). On 1997-98 Caravan %26amp; Voyager models, manufacturer does not recommend a specific maintenance interval. On 1999 Caravan %26amp; Voyager models, inspect at 60.000 miles %26amp; replace if required, then inspect again at 90,000 miles and replace if this was not done previously, then inspect again at 120,000 miles.

The 3.3 and 3.8 V6's use a chain which requires replacement only if broken.

Since the belts have to be removed to gain access to the water pump, it is a convenient time to replace it, the thermostat and do a good coolant flush.When should I change my Timing belt?
yeah your slightly overdue...yes replace the water pump as well.

Belst usually last for 60-90 thousand miles..depending..cost is depending on the place you take it is around 600 bucks the last time I had one checked on..Im sure its cheaper at your mom and pop shops..
50,000mi is what they suggest. Time for the belt and the water pump.
if it aint broke dont fix it!!
Your water pump as little to do with the water pump but you should change the water pump if your coolant isn't running through the car like it should... But your timing belt should be change if it's slipping and your cam shaft isn't pushing the pushrod correctly and your pistons aren't firing in order...
Most knowledgeable people will recommend changing the water-pump when changing the timing belt, because it's a relatively cheap part, but a lot of labour to change. Most of the work to change the t-belt is also the same work involved in changing the water-pump on most FWD cars. Change the Water Pump too.

60,000 miles or 100,000km is the usual recommended interval.
every 80,000 miles i replace my timeing belt

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