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Do i need to change the timing belt on my 1995 ford fiesta? 57k miles, 1.25 engine?

Hey, i know next to nothing about cars, just got my first, a 1995 N reg Ford Fiesta, 1.25 and done 57k miles. Apparently the timing belt needs changing. I've scouted around a few mechanics and a few have even said it wont have a timing belt? Others have mentioned timing chain, and alternator belt? Whats the difference? And should i get it in and changed quick before it fu**s the whole engine up? And most importantly, how much should i be expecting to pay? so i know i'm not getting ripped off...(in the UK). Big cheers for help!!!Do i need to change the timing belt on my 1995 ford fiesta? 57k miles, 1.25 engine?
ok in order

a 12 year old timing belt may be weak even with the low milage you report. they do degrade with time.

i don't know if it has a belt or chain but its easy to find out. open the hood and look for a sheet metal or plastic belt guard on the front of the engine. [front in this case means the opposite end from the transmission, usually on the right in front wheel drive cars.] under that guard there should be a rubber timing belt belt with tranvsverse grooves in it. it will ride on a large pulley at the top and on the crankshaft at the bottom. a second check would be to open the oil filler cap and look for a camshaft. if you see one you have an overhead cam engine and almost every one made now uses a timing belt. chains are used mostly in single cam V-8 motors. the altenator belt is a single V belt than runs from the crankshaft pulley [ there are usually several stacked on the crank

] to the altenetor and maybe other things like water pump, power steering pump. if it fails the car may be undrivable but no damage usually occures. if you lose the timing belt and you have what is called an interference engine you will total the engine due to the pistons hitting the valves. on a non interference engine nothing will happen except the engine will stop running.

i would have it checked and if needed replace it. cost here in the states is on the order of $50 for parts and $100 labor in my area. it can be a DIY for anyone with some experence.Do i need to change the timing belt on my 1995 ford fiesta? 57k miles, 1.25 engine?
So - is there anyway to know if the timing belt (or timing chain - they do basically the same thing) has been changed prior to now - and when? If not - I'd play it safe and replace it. I bought a for Escort years ago and the timing belt went out when I was driving it and it ended up doing a lot of engine damage and costing me a lot of money.

Sorry - I have no idea what it will cost you these days - but I know that it's cheaper than major engine work.

Good luck.
That serpentine belt should be changed at or before 60k miles regardless of any inspection. That is what the normal operation for that part is. It is fancy rubber belt that 'snakes' around the front of the block. I had a 1980s Ford Truck with a Mazda Motor in it, that was weird to discover. I was not amazed when I discovered that Ford had the Tool to released the tensioner spring, made for Ford by Ford for Mazda.

I have no idea what motor is in that vehicle, but 60k is the average for Serpentine Belts, pulleys, gaskets, bushings, bearings. Basically a preventative rebuild to keep a car in running condition.
Timing belt is most important and it is a good time to have it changed

Timing belt Vs Timing Chain: They do the same thing but Chain is made of metal like a chain on a bike, and belt is made of nylon (usually for small cars) About $ 70 US

*instalation is highly expensive, but a bad belt can ruin the entire engine

Alternator belt is a small rubber or nylon belt that turns the alternator(generates electricity for battery) usually about 1/2 an inch wide and cost about $15 US not sure in UK but its preaty cheap, the instalation is expensive though

*this one usually squeeqs when bad

I would recomend they check the timing belt to see if its worn

Alternator belt should be easy to change yourself if you want just ask the guy at the auto parts where it is located all you do is take one of and put the other , there is one screw and one tensioner
A timing belt should be changed every 60k miles, a timing chain should be changed probably around every 200k miles.
Bring it to the Ford dealership and expect to pay up to 400 for a timing belt/chain. they can at least roll the 80 dollar inspection in to the labor of what ever needs fixing. Drive safe
well if it seems like ur car is lackin power or is makein a loud sqealing noise or slippin i wouldnt bother with it if its not doin any of them
The easy way to tell if it needs changing is going up a steep hill, if you hear a rattling sound while accelerating up it needs a change. A timing belt is usually a chain similar to one on bycicles, its comes as a set from a parts shop, including all Gaskets. Its not a cheap procedure and its one of the most expensive repairs. Thats why people sell their cars before 100 000 kms.

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