Monday, December 12, 2011

How do I change my timing/cam belt on my Volvo s60?

I have a 2001 2.0l 5 cylinder Volvo S60. How do I change my cam belt without taking it to a garage??? Do I need any special tools?

Cheers DavidHow do I change my timing/cam belt on my Volvo s60?
Send me your e:mail address and I'll send you the diagrams and info. do I change my timing/cam belt on my Volvo s60?
I am only going to provide a general answer rather than a specific one for the Volvo- assuming all belt driven cam engines are working on the same principle.

1) remove the engine valve cover to expose the cam gear and belt

2) rotate the crankshaft by hand to position the #1 cylinder to TDC to facilitate removal of the crankshaft pulley

3) check for alignment marks on the cam shaft pulley(s) so that when you put in the new belt all is properly aligned.

4) check for detailed instructions from online volvo forums before attempting this at home.
On some cars you need some special tools. Don't do this work if you don't know much about cars and how an engine works. There are a lot of details to look for, like the sequence of loosening the head bolts etc.

If you're sure you want to tackle it, get an repair manual. Study the section and get all the necessary parts and tools and then take your time doing the repair.

It's not a small job. That's why shops charge about $400 to do it.
Get yourself one of these;

Make sure you change the tensioner at the same time.
the link will give you a good idea of what the job entails a Haynes manual is your best bet for doing the job yourself.
be very careful about this .if you mess up ya will wreck your engine so ya will.ya will need sockets spanners, timing light.if you are not mechanically minded i would not try this.
check the auto-zone web site under repairs.
take the old 1 off and replacing it with the new....

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