Monday, December 12, 2011

When do you change a timing belt?

at how many miles should you change a timing belt on an 06 lancer? and does anyone know the price range to take it to a machanicWhen do you change a timing belt?
Timing Belt...Timing Chain..??

I have never had to/

I would guess..40,000 miles when the engine has done some problems..with performance..

My motors run perfectly..those parts are never needed.When do you change a timing belt?
u never have the timing belt replaced unless ur having problems cuz if u do it can just cause more problems. but roughly beween 300 to 800 to replace
about 80,000 miles
80k to 100k miles.

Belts stretch over time, and it's better to change it than to have it break on your. Breaking a timing belt, or having it jump time because it is so stretched out can have catastrophic consequences for the motor.

Imagine bent valves amongst other problems.

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