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How long until its necessary to change the timing belt on a 99 honda civic ex?

miles wiseHow long until its necessary to change the timing belt on a 99 honda civic ex?
Definitely do it at the recommended 60,000 or if you or an Auto Technician check the belt by removing the cover to see if it is worn or loose to decided just how soon. I believe this is also an Interference Motor. Which means, if the Timing Belt is neglected and it breaks, the valves could hit the Piston and the Valves could bend. Then you are looking at a costly repair, and either a new donor head, or a trip to the machine shop. But when you do get this done, definitely do the Water Pump as well, and have the Techs look at the Bearings for Idler Pulleys on your Serpentine Belt, and have the Serpentine Belt replaced as well. All these things (if broken) all have to be taken apart together regardless, and involve the same work, so you should have it all checked and replaced anyway to avoid much worse and more costly repairs down the line.How long until its necessary to change the timing belt on a 99 honda civic ex?
50,000 miles is when I stress to replace all timing belts. Some automakers say 60,000 miles some even has listed 100,000 miles but odds are by 50,000 miles you should either be replacing it or keeping an eye on it.

Like with just about all import engines they are interference engines. Which means if a valve is open which if the engine is running when the belt brakes you will have atleast 2 valves open on a 4 cylinder which would lead to the piston slapping the valve.

When the belt brakes and the piston hits those valves the valve will first punch a hole in the head of the piston requiring the block to be pulled for the bottom end to be taken apart to replace the pistons. The pistons will also bend the valves which will require you to get new valves, new valve guides and possibly new head/heads because odds are that valve stem will be pushed sideways and will cause fractures in the aluminum/cast iron head.
60,000 and I usually tell the customer to replace the water pump at the same time, all it costs is the part extra, no additional labor.
Honda normally recommends replacing the timing belt at 60,000 miles
we use km here and it says 100,000, so i guess it's about 65,000 for miles...

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tbesiak said...

Do not look at it that manufacturers recommend every 90,000 - 120,000 miles. Timing belt change should be done every 60,000 miles. Breaking the timing belt is associated with the renovation of the engine. I know this from experience, because I once broke a timing belt.

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