Monday, December 12, 2011

How can i check 95 mazda protege timing belt good or not?

i have mazda protege 95 .my car is so poor engine light on,bumber is broken and my machnice say i have to change some belt,i don,t know what kind of belt .it has 3 belt in out side ,i think they r not bad. i don,t know previous owner was change timing belt or not,

please answer me.How can i check 95 mazda protege timing belt good or not?
The timing belt should be changed every 80,000 miles. Most people don't know when it was changed last. You could try to talk to the previous owner and see. The engine light normally comes on when you have a emission problem. You can still drive the car. You can scan you car to see what the light means. Try this link to gain some knowledge of your car.

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it's the timing belt that drives the camshaft, it should be changed every 50,000 miles or so, because if it breaks you will have valve damage and maybe piston damage.
look at your timing belt,its behind the cover and see if its cracked,if it is then you better change it.i think they were saying check your alternator and power steering and see if you got an a air pump if so check it also.
It should have been changed at 60000 miles. Go from this reference.
a timing belt needs to changed at certain intervals,e.g.60,000 , 100,000 , 140,000. You need to change the timing belt at these intervels to prevent the belt from breaking , if the belt breaks catastrophic engine damage may occur, so it is wise to change it at the recommended intervals. The process of changing the timing belt can be costly and labor intensive so you need to decide weather or not it would be cost effective to invest further into this vehicle .

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