Monday, December 12, 2011

Timing belt change on 1997 Honda Accord?

My friend wants to have te timing belt changed on his 907 onda Accord. How difficult a job is this in terms of accessing the belt?Timing belt change on 1997 Honda Accord?
there should be a timing cover on where the crank is(usually plastic cover)just take it off and there it is.Timing belt change on 1997 Honda Accord?
i own a shop,and getting to the belt isn't too bad of job,but bad enough,the hardest part of though is keeping the top pulley from moving,when you remove the old belt,it will usually jump a notch or two forwards,so on this part of it it may take two people,other than that if you have a good Haynes repair manual on this car,you can do this,it gives all the details on what all has to be done,just take your time with it,that's the key to doing a good job on it,good luck i hope this helps.
Seriously, don't mess with the timing unless you are a trained mechanic. You could end up costing yourself a lot of money.
You should have some pretty solid mechanical abilities. I took mine to a shop and had it replaced prior to the mileage reaching 100,000. It cost $300.00, but that also included a couple hoses that need replacing. Well worth it, if your timing belt goes out on you while you are driving, you pretty much are putting in a new motor because, the innards of the motor keep turning until the motor stops, causing warped valves and rod issues.

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