Monday, December 12, 2011

How dangerous is it to drive a honda accord with 140,000 miles with the origonal timing belt?

The 2000 honda accord still runs great, but I havn't gotten around to change the timing belt. I am waiting till I have enough cash to buy the water pump and the belt. But I am WAY over due for the timing belt change. Do you think I shouldn't drive the car?How dangerous is it to drive a honda accord with 140,000 miles with the origonal timing belt?
Get that belt done! Toyota and Honda are the biggest timing belt offenders, but here's the difference. You blow the timing belt on your Toyota, you get towed to the shop and pay for a timing belt replacement. You blow the timing belt on your Honda, you ruin your pistons and valves, so now you're either replacing much of the engine or getting a junkyard engine. The Honda's have what is called an interference engine, which means the pistons crash upward into the heads, damaging internal engine components, the Toyota has a non-interference engine, so the piston stops short of damaging everything. If you completely baby the car while driving, try to keep it running when possible to avoid starting it, and get the freaking timing belt done ASAP, you should be OK, but since its inside the engine, there's no way to know. You might be hanging on by a thread right now or the belt may appear fine. Just get it done, get it done, get it done!!!How dangerous is it to drive a honda accord with 140,000 miles with the origonal timing belt?
It's not dangerous as in the engine is going to explode and kill everybody in the car, but the old timing belt could snap and the engine could stop running at any time. If that happens, the repair bill could for more than just a belt and water pump. If you don't need to drive the car, I'd recommend you wait until you could get the proper maintenance done on it.
Please be careful. I would highly encourage you to get the timing belt replaced ASAP. We own a 1992 Accord with 223K miles. It already had the timing belt changed out once before. We just recently replaced the timing belt yet again, as well as the water pump, belt, etc. Our car is running well right now. If the belt in your Honda breaks, it will cause major damage to the engine. Please do not drive it until you can get it repaired. If you must drive it, drive it gently until you can get it fixed. Good luck, and God bless!
you should be fine until you have enough cash, its actually smarter to do the water pump with timing belt... so yeah its a 2000, not like its a 1994. just drive in the city so that if the timing belt does snap, stop the car!!! so that the engine parts inside dont get f**ked up.
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